Boaz Roberts is a guitarist, composer, and songwriter known for his eclectic and inventive artistry.  Born and raised in Southern California, (b. 1992) Boaz's work has an involved sensitivity to and relationship with the land and sea.  Alongside commercial clients Patagonia, Tarnsjo Garveri, and Beech Brand, Boaz intensely pursues a wide range of music projects including Boaz Roberts, RooneySwim Team, and Naked Pictures of God.  His most recent releases include Rodeo, a jazz trio record and Out Cold, a collection of solo Guitar compositions.  Boaz will also release a collection of songs titled, Teenagers in Winter 2016.  Boaz Roberts graduated with honors from University of California San Diego in 2014 and received departmental awards including, The Saier Award:the most outstanding music performances by an undergraduate, The Cheatham Prize: excellent musicianship in Jazz performance, theory, and composition, and The Erickson Prize: excellence in research. 

Client List

Ballet West - Innovations 2016


Tarnsjo Garveri - House Of Leather

Gourmet Footwear

Vessel Drum Co

Daniel Mansson Photography

Beech Brand Towels